Dental Tips

Dr. Michael Elison provides a variety of dental tips that will help you and your family with appropriate dental care. 

Family Dentist Tip - Family AffairMake Dental Care a Family Affair

Brush your teeth as a family to teach your children the importance of consistent dental care.  It will also encourage parents to care for their teeth as well as they set the example.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Never put your baby to bed with a bottle of juice or milk.  This can lead to a condition called baby bottle tooth decay. 

Family Dentist Dental Tip - SealantDental Sealants

Put a sealant on children's teeth to reduce the chance of tooth decay.  Sealants can reduce cavities up to 98%! 

Dental Tip - Change Toothbrush

Replace Worn Toothbrushes

Replace your toothbrush every 3 - 4 months or as needed.  Toothbrushes are less effective the more worn they become.